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leclerc Magicfold Plus: How should the internal lining of the bassinet be washed?

Fmac • 17 Dec 2021

Hi, I have questions about the Leclerc Bassinet. Can you wash the lining of the bassinet in the washing machine? It's easily removable via zips but I don't see any specific washing instructions.


Eli • 18 Dec 2021

Hey there!

Yes, any carrycot inside is pretty much machine washable. Stroller and carrycot cleaning instructions should be in the manual that is normally included with the stroller or the bassinet, but even if you don't have those, I can tell you that you can put the lining in the washing machine AS LONG AS it's on the mildest cycle and you DON'T USE ANY FABRIC SOFTENER - just a baby-friendly or any gentle detergent.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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