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leclerc Magicfold Plus: How is the Mast M2 compared to Ergobaby Metro+ and Recaro Lexa?

Vasy • 01 May 2022

Hello, what is your opinion about Mast m2?

Could you compare it with Ergobaby Metro+ and Recaro Lexa (baby comfort, material etc)?

Thank you so much!

Eli • 02 May 2022


I'll start with the newest Lxa, which it will be hard to judge to, as it is truly very very new. Based on the other Recaro buggies, however, I am pretty sure it will be very nice in terms of materials = very nice comfort for the little one, but the small wheels will be a bit of a rattle on any bumps. I especially like the more upright seat on the Lexa, the taller seatback, and he overall fabrics hat recaro uses, so if you don't really need something for any terrain (which will be a problem with all the three, as these are ultracompacts), it seems to me like a very nice option.

Compared with the Mast M.2, a friend of mine actually has it, and even if she was super excited about it at first, she ended up not liking the instability of it, and the overall manipulation. So I cannot say it is bad per se, but I would say the Recaro seems like a better bet.

And the Metro+ – a superbly padded stroller really thinking of the smallest babies. Also not a terrain beast, it may rate a bit on bumps, but the seat is comfy and on the more spacious side, at least as much as ultra-compacts are concerned. I like a lot about the stroller, the chunkier wheels in particular, but it is a bit more slanted, and the canopy is large (which is great). but kind of shaky (which is a downside of sorts).

I would be deciding between the Metro Plus and the Lexa here, the Lexa being interesting as a new model, but probably hard to check out and try beforehand. Go, most probably, with your heart, which design you like more, which seems more suitable to your needs, and of course to the age of the baby.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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