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leclerc Magicfold Plus: Elodie Mondo versus leclerc Magicfold – which ultracompact is better?

Adela • 09 Apr 2022

Hi, could you compare these strollers with Elodie Details Mondo? I need a compact stroller for traveling and shopping (with 10 months baby girl, occasionally sleeping there)? Thank you!

Eli • 09 Apr 2022

Hiya, Adela,

Well the basic difference, apart from the autofold function of the leclerc, is the seat shape and size. The Mondo has a much longer seat and seatback that is not framed by such a rim as the Magicfold's is, meaning is will last longer and will e more spacious for your child for longer. Also, the Elodie Mondo has a much larger canopy, and the materials are fairly luxurious, while the leclerc is the simpler of the two.

I personally would definitely go for the Mondo as it not only looks good but the quality feels higher and the room in the seat is also worth going for, long-term. I would only pick the leclerc if the auto-folding function would feel absolutely necessary for you.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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