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Leclerc Influencer vs. Babyzen Yoyo2 - which is better for a 6mo baby?

sahil • 30 Apr 2023


I am confused between Leclerc Influencer and Babyzen Yoyo2? Keeping cost aside, which is the better stroller for baby? We live in Dubai main use is daily parks and travel around the world. I am confused because both strollers seem travel friendly, leclerc has a easy one-hand close but given it's new I am not sure about longevity and durabilty for 4-5 years. Also Yoyo2 does not recline as much as the Influencer. Will the Influencer be cain approved like Yoyo2? I only want to buy 1 stroller and my baby is turning 6 months in 15 days.

Eli • 30 Apr 2023

Hey, sahil,

Here, the Influencer is ABSLUTELY the better choice. I cannot say it is higher quality, as it is not as much - it is nice but kind of average. The Yoyo is sturdier for sure, chassis-wise.

However, the Yoyo is VERY short, seat wise, not as comfortable - very very slanted, and also not suitable at all for a child around 6 months of age. It doesn't lie flat, meaning your baby will be half sitting when it should be laying down. Tht puts straign on its neck and spine - not even talking about the later-on stage when as a toddler, he or she will be slanted in the seat and grows over the backrest.

So from these tow, I would definitely go for the Influencer even if it's maybe a tad larger, most airlines should accept it on board but you HAVE TO check with your airline of choice in any case - however, I would also check the Joolz Aer+]] that reclines more than before now, and is MUCH more spacious as well as high quality, meaning that that stroller will last you the longes and will be the most comfortable.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.