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laclerc Magicfold Plus vs. Ergobaby Metro - which is better?

Aleksandra Kryzhanovskaya • 22 Feb 2022

Hey, Eli!

First of all, thanks for the opportunity!

I am looking for a travel stroller, that I could use as a summer stroller later on. I am in love with Joolz Aer, but I doubt that 150 max recline is healthy for a toddler's back (she is 16 months now, average 80cm 10kg baby).

I came across leclerc magic fold and Ergobaby Metro Plus, which have nice recline, and look like all in one strollers. I also love that they have nice amortization (suspension) and are good on almost all terrains according to video reviews, which is important.

What do you think? The looks for me are very important, also easy folding, big canopy, upright position. Please help! Thank you! The budget is 400 usd.

Eli • 22 Feb 2022

Hey, Aleksandra,

Please, start by reading this article about ultracompacts - I tried to explain there more about the limits of these small strollers and their INABILITY to be all-terrain, with a nice suspension and for everyday use. It is really true, just look at those small wheels - there is shock-absorbing, but it's MILD, the wheels are TINY and they get stuck in holes, and the frame is small and minimalist meaning NOT STURDY for everyday, all-terrain. large toddler use. Keep that in mind when thinking about those.

Moving on, about the Aer. Yes, it doesn't have a full recline. I have three sons and I can honestly sa that if your child is not that kind that sleeps every day multiple hours in a buggy, you DON'T need a full recline on a TRAVEL stroller. However, if your child does nap regularly and long in the stroller you SHOULDN'T get an ultracompact stroller as the child needs more space, more support in the seatback area, and a comfort stroller of a larger size & better sturdiness than these.

Also good to know that from these small models, the Aer has a more sturdy frame and a taller backrest than most, so it is probably the best in terms of long-lasting and comfort (if not looking at the lie-flat, of course).

Of course, you don't need to want the Aer, I am just trying to say its quality and suspension is better than of most in the same category. From your two choices, I would most certainly get the Ergobaby over the leclerc, the leclerc is much more cheaply made and less roomy, too. Still, please, count on the Ergobaby to not have much suspension - it is not soft for all-terrain use by far. It only absorbs shock mildly, as I already mentioned. A small negative in terms of looks is perhaps the Metro+'s canopy which is funky a bit, mainly when the stroller is reclined, BUT at the same time it is larger than most and quite protective.

Lastly, I'll mention the Maclaren Atom just because of its sun hood which, in my opinion, is probably the best out
of all ultracompacts (and not funky-looking). Check the Maclaren Atom full stroller review here if intrigued - and, again, be sure to think of it as an occasional-use travel stroller, as it is limited in features and comfort just like the others. It is also not upright - none of these really are. It is a price to pay for that small size.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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