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Kunert Romantic: Where to get new wheels for my older pram?

James • 12 Sep 2021

Hi there,

We bought the Kunert romantic about 7 years ago in black and white when we had our first child. We are now expecting our second and I've got the pram out of the loft to find the wheels have been buckled in storage. Is there any way of buying a set of the original larger wheels as I prefer these to the newer smaller air inflation ones.



Eli • 12 Sep 2021

Hey, James,

I won't make you too happy by saying the wheels are not available just so, unfortunately. My advice would be to write either to any shop selling Kunert strollers around you - whether where you bought it, or anywhere they keep there should be fine... or writing directly to Kunert customer service. Be ready that they can simply not help you because not having that particular model anymore - but it's worth a try.

Wishing you good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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