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Kunert Foxter: My wheels are flat and they can't be pumped, the customer service doesn't respond, what to do?

Erin • 24 Feb 2022

Hi Eli, I have a Kunert Foxter with flat tyres but the front wheels are designed in a way that no air pump can access the valve. Do they sell foam tyres for this model? Ideally I would like to replace them or at least buy a pump that is designed to work with these wheels. Please help! I have tried to email Kunert but do not speak polish do doubt they will respond!

Eli • 24 Feb 2022

Hi, Erin,

I am sorry to tell you they don't sell any other type of wheels - not even spare wheels - for this model. If you'd need a spare, you need to contact the seller or directly the manufacturer, Kunert, so that somebody would order them for you (if they'd even agree that it is possible and they have a spare part like that available, which, as you say, they don't). Try googling Kunert sellers around you and contact those, too.

About trying to resolve the flat tyres, try visiting a bike shop. They might be able to help you pump them or change them for new ones.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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