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Knorr Baby Volkswagen GTI: Is it a full, 3in1 from-birth system with a raincover, a mosquito net, and a mommy bag?

Steph • 26 Mar 2022


I’ve recently found out I’m expecting and was wanting more information on the VW GTI baby stroller, is it a 3 in 1 from new born with a car seat and then turns into a buggy..? And does it come with rain cover and mosquito net and changing bag..? And how much is it.?

If you can get back to me I’d appreciate that, thanks,
mrs. Baxter

Eli • 26 Mar 2022

Hey, Steph,

All the information about possible configurations and accessories included we do feature in the Specifications part - just click on the Accessories part, etc., all is written there. These are informations we collected from the manufacturer and the shops, we don't sell the stroller, so I cannot tell you the price, it always changes, from country to country, from shop to shop. You need to google and find an online shop or a shop in your country selling this, and they'll tell you.

It is also possible the model won't be sold around you, or sold no more, anywhere. These things change quickly, so you need to ask the sellers, the producer...

And, about the usage of the pram, there can be a 2in1 OR a 3in1 system, that is up to your choice. The bassinet is from birth, and the reversible seat unit will be the second part to use with a 6 months+ child (to up about 2 years of age, size-wise).

As the manufacturer orders these from Polish Tako, there are most accessories included, yes.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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