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Kinderkraft Prime: What is the difference between the Prime 2in1 and Prime 3in1 systems?

Simy • 14 Oct 2021


Can you please explain the difference between the Kinderkraft Prime 2 in 1 and prime 3 in 1?

Thank you

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eli & vii
Eli • 14 Oct 2021

Hey, Simy,

Yes, of course. The only difference is that the 2in1 will be a 2-parts in one set combination, meaning a pram (carrycot) and a pushchair (seat unit), both included with the frame in one package. That means NO car seat (travel system)

The 3in1 set will include the chassis, the carrycot, the seat unit (so the whole 2in1 set) PLUS the car seat with adapters (which is the third part of this stroller system), meaning you have your pram, pushchair, AND travel system all in one package.

So it is the same stroller just with 2 main or 3 main parts included, depending on what you need (and what you don't).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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