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Kinderkraft Prime Lite: Can a Joie car seat be fitted onto the frame & does the KK car seat offer a belted base option for the car?

Kelz • 23 Apr 2022


Can a Joie car seat fit the Kinderkraft Lite pram? And does the Kinderkraft car seat fit a belted base? Not Isofix, as I have an older car. Thanks

Eli • 24 Apr 2022

Heya, Kelz,

With the Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat adapters, you can also fit a Joie 0+ car seat, yes.

The Kinderkraft-issued cheaper car seat issued in a 3in1 combination with this stroller at times doesn't offer any Isofix base compatibility, I am sorry to say. It is a cheaper alternative that can only be belted in the car with the safety belt, no base.

Other car seats fitting these adapters:

E.g. Some Maxi-Cosi (Cybex, too) car seats offer a belted base possibility, I believe - ie. the Easyfix base for the Cabriofix car seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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