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Kinderkraft Prime: Does the provided car seat have an Isofix base?

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eli & vii
Angie • 07 Dec 2022

We have the kinderkraft prime 3in1.
Is the car seat with isofix or not?
If yes, please provide me with the model I should be looking for.

Thank you

Eli • 08 Dec 2022

HI, Angie,

The Prime is normally not provided with an Isofix base. It of course depends on on the set you bought it in and the car seat that that particular seller put in the set, however the Kinderkraft Prime's cheaper dedicated car seat normally doesn't come with a base. There are Maxi-Cosi-style car xeat adapters available though, and with most branded car seats you can get an Isofix base (usually optionally, and the type of the base depends on the car seat chosen).

Remember: Always pick the base for the car seat, not the stroller!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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