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Kinderkraft Prime: Can we take the pram easily to an airplane?

Pooja • 25 Apr 2022


Can we carry easily the Kinderkraft Prime 2-1 to aircraft?

Eli • 26 Apr 2022

Hi, Pooja,

Easily is a very open word, and for sure the easiest would b to take it on board as a carry-on, which is not possible with this size of a stroller system. What you need to do is either take it as a piece of checked luggage, or as free a baby luggage, but this doesn't depend on the pram as much as it depends on the airline and their conditions and requirements. Almost all offer the possibility of a stroller being taken for free with a child up to a certain age, but for sure check with your airline.

Not the easiest, but not a hard thing. Of course, best would be to take the smallest stroller possible, as traveling with a larger model is never he easiest thing, but it is doable.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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