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Kinderkraft Prime: Can the Prime's carrycot be used as standalone, overnight sleeping solution?

Jade • 26 Sep 2021

Can you take the carrycot off and use as a standalone unit? Also is the carrycot suitable for occasional overnight use?

Eli • 27 Sep 2021

Hi, Jade,

You absolutely can detach the Kinderkraft Prime's bassinet and put it on the floor, use it for visits, or just for the short daily nap as a standalone unit, yes. It is, however, not that luxurious and not tested and approved for overnight sleeping, so I strongly advise against such - overnight, instead of a cot - use. Rather get a cot (I mean, even Kinderkraft offers rather affordable travel cots) and if needing something for sleeping on holidays or at grand-parents, be safe, with ventilated-enough, harder mattress product.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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