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Kinderkraft Pilot: Which travel bag will fit this stroller?

Jaimee • 29 Jul 2022


I am shortly going on a very long trip with my Kinderkraft pilot & am looking for a travel bag that will fit it. Is there one I can purchase?

Thanks :)

Eli • 29 Jul 2022

Hello, Jaimee,

Actually pretty much any universal one should. Moms even use the IKEA DIMPA bag which I actually really recommend for that price (nice and durable, but simple, not pretty, really). Apart from that, my own suggestion would be to go to Amazon and search for a "stroller travel bag", any that has the features you need will do - I mean, it is not really a daily-use product. If you need some brands that can be recommended, though, the bag for the Ergobaby Metro should work fine, the Elodie Details travel bag is simpler but protects well, or check the Maxi-Cosi Ultra Compact bag.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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