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Kinderkraft Nubi 2: Is the frame material aluminum, or is there also plastic?

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eli & vii
Robert • 02 Oct 2023

Hi Eli,

Thanks for the info regarding on the removable wheels!

One more thing, is the frame structure of the mentioned stroller (KK Nubi2) made of aluminium or plastic at all? Or plastic shell with aluminium skeleton within?? As per the image shown in illustration above(as per advertized) and I am talking about specially on the side frames “T” joints connecting the top handle bar down to wheels.

Eli • 03 Oct 2023

Hi, Robert,

I am not completely sure I understand your question, but frame-wise, the main portion, the bars, are aluminum. However, and that is true for every modern stroller, the joints, attachment points, and small details are made of plastic - if it would be all metal, the compactness would be not easy (or not even possible) to achieve so easily, and the movability would also be worse.

So yeah, there is metal (aluminum) and there is plastic in multiple points, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.