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Kinderkraft Nubi 2: Any reviews of the Kinderkraft Nubi 2 travel pushchair?

Masi • 07 Jun 2023

Hi Eli,

Would you please review the Kinderkraft NUBI2?

There are almost no review yet about it. I hope you can help me to decide to buy it or not. I need a travel buggy, budget, spacious for my 2-year-old son, and easy to handle.

Many thanks

Eli • 07 Jun 2023

Hey, Masi,

Lately, I have almost no time to review stuff, and I am sorry about that - as I create Strollberry in my free time, and need to work to get money to live (elsewhere), I don't get that much to do this (except early morning and late at night).

That being said, I can tell you my opinion about the KK Nubi 2 stroller of course - these are really budget models. I like the design, it's rather sleek and simple, though I do miss the T-bar the Nubi (1) had (children actually really like it, though parents not so much, I guess). The size is nice, but it is not as small as some other travel strollers, so you need to check the dimensions against your airline's requirements to be sure you can take it on board as a piece of cabin luggage. Space-wise, it is one of the better ones, especially the width of the seat - the length of the seat unit is not too long but it is OK for the type. The cup holder is a nice addition BUT it protrudes and it may be in the way a lot when pushing (I broke one like this with a similar design of being clicked on outward).

So, on paper, a very nice buggy for the price. If this is for very occasional use, it is an absolutely acceptable choice. BUT do count on the quality being lower - especially the fabrics, the plastics, and the overall sturdiness. Kinderkraft strollers, and pretty much anything this small and for this price, can be really felt when it is on that cheaper side, so any bad terrain, heavy use, very heavy child (or load in the basket = strain, regularly), or everyday, multi-hour use will make this wobbly, looser. It will also be a bit rattly, as this is really a smaller buggy. The push will be OK too but nothing special, and it is advisable to try it out before buying as it very much depends on your height and the center of gravity you need to really know if the lifting up a curb or turning will be a pain or comfy enough for you.

Hope this helps!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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