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Kinderkraft Moov: Can be a two-piece folding stroller taken on a plane as the additional baby's luggage?

Carola • 16 Oct 2021

Can it be taken by a plane as a baby’s “free luggage”? As it doesn’t fold at one unit, I’m not sure if airlines accept it…

Eli • 18 Oct 2021

Hello, Carola,

This is more a question for the airline than to me, like this, I believe, varies from airline to airline and is up to their final consideration.

In general, however, it absolutely should be able to be taken as a baby's piece of luggage as it is the necessary mean of transporting it - and the design of the folding system should not be 'blamed' on the parents to be a two-piece one. The general rule is that the pram or pushchair must be fully collapsible, which, in theory, even a two-piece-folding one is.

Still, as I said, you absolutely need to check this with the airline you're traveling with. If they won't be ok with that, I'd recommend taking a much smaller ultra-compact buggy with you and have it for occasional use.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.