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Kinderkraft Evolution: Is the bottom of the soft cot comfortable, and is the cot easy & quick to attach?

Anna • 26 Apr 2022

How thick is the bottom ofthe coccoon? Is it comfortable like a carrycot? Is it easy and quick to attach?

Eli • 26 Apr 2022

Hello, Anna,

The bottom is definitely thickened, but not as much as a regular full-sized carrycot, otherwise, the soft insert bassinet would be too huge to fit. There is a mattress and the seat is also padded underneath, so I wouldn't worry about the baby's comfort, it should be enough, even if on a bit more basic side.

The attaching is just the inserting of the carrycot into the seat and securing it with two clips - straps with latches around the seat, which is not hard but takes a bit more time than just clicking of a carrycot on a frame with its own attachment points. Still, a reasonably quick and easy thing to do, I wouldn't worry too much.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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