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Junama Diamond S Line: How to fix our problematic pram in the UAE? We purchased it online.

Adele • 12 Oct 2021

Dear Eli,

We purchased a Junama stroller about 1 year ago, but unfortunately for around 5 months we have had difficulties moving it and it is not easy to make turns. Could you please advise us where we can fix issues with that?

We purchased online and asked for delivery to UAE. So we live in Dubai and we would like to know how we can repair or fix it. It is a beautiful stroller and I wish to keep it rather than exchanging it for another

brand. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Adelya.

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Eli • 14 Oct 2021

Hello, Adelya,

This is a difficult situation to solve just so. You, personally, won't be able to fix it just so. But you can at least try to clean and lubricate it - perhaps the wheels and joints will work well, but I, of course, cannot guarantee that... In any case, to clean and maintain your stroller properly, read our stroller cleaning and maintenance guide HERE. It might help at least a little.

Next, if that doesn't help or doesn't helo enough, try to contact the seller you bought it online at. To make a video and upload it on youtube, for example, would be a great addition to show him what is wrong, perhaps he will either advise you what the best next steps are, or which part could be problematic. If it's a particular thing, he should be able to sell you the spare part you need, but I am afraid this won't be about just one part.

Lastly, you could look up a stroller repair service around you, or google any larger baby shop - for a fee, they should have their own serviceman and could be willing to look at your pram, if the repair is not an overly difficult thing.

These are all of your options. If nothing helps, I am afraid the stroller is simply faulty. These cheaper Polish stroller systems sometimes are like that, and the manufacturers aren't always willing to do much about it. But I wish you good luck and hope that some of these steps will work out for you! Stay safe!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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