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Junama Diamond S Line Duo Slim: What is the maximum weight in both of the seat units?

Rede • 02 Sep 2021


What is the maximum weight limit of both seats?

Eli • 03 Sep 2021

Hello, Rede,

Each seat of the Junama Diamond's line - including the double strollers - is 20 kg.

I would be careful taking that as granted, however - the seat's are, in my own experience, smaller as they are reversible seats, and children usually use these up to 24-30 months of age comfortably (not longer - if they're not truly petite, that is). It has a lot with the room in the seat, not so much with the child's weight.

Also, do take the stroller's weight and length into consideration before making the final decision - I've got quite a few feedbacks on the tandem Tako and its sub-company Junama that they are pretty much impossible to load in the car boot or lift/fit any narrower or shorter spaces or, for example, lifts. It is truly a large, bulky pram, this on, weighing (empty) more than 22 kg. With two 1yo children, it might be more than 40 kg to push and lift up curbs.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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