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Junama Diamond S Line: Are there any spare wheels available?

Paula • 23 Oct 2021

Can you buy replacement wheels?

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eli & vii
Eli • 24 Oct 2021

Hey, Paula,

Normally, just so in online stores and so on, no, unfortunately, no spare wheels widely available. What can be done, however, are these few options. You can either contact any seller of this model or the Junama brand around you and ask them politely whether they could order you spare wheels for a fee. Any distributor should be able to do so right from the manufacturer.

Next, you can also write or call Junama yourself, here are the contacts they suggest on their website:
+48 34 371 12 70
+48 34 371 12 73
+48 34 371 12 76
e-mail: info@junama.com

And, lastly, you can try and go over classifieds to find somebody selling the same or construction-similar model to buy it cheaply for parts (or perhaps the person would sell it for parts if, e.g., damaged...).

So, these are your options. I wish you good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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