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Joolz Hub Plus, Cybex Mios or Bugaboo Bee 6, which stroller is better for rougher city terrain?

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Melissa • 09 Jul 2022

Hi Eli,

Thanks to your great website, I have narrowed my search for an reversible seat / compact city stroller to three: Hub+, Mios and Bugaboo Bee6.

I live in a city (with some parts that are cobbled), but also nearby a river with some more uneven terrain (grass, gravel, parts with dirt road ... ). It will not be our daily routine, but we might end up quite often having strolls there or in the countryside.

How do the 3 strollers compare in handling the rougher terrains? I can see that the Joolz have the biggest wheels, and Bugaboo 6 have greatly improved their front suspension, but I am not sure what is the correct way for comparing strollers when it comes to terrain capabilities.

Thanks a lot!

Eli • 09 Jul 2022

Hello, Melissa,

You picked the three reversible compact stroller that are actually worth mentioning, so kudos for nice picks. About terrai ride, though, they are not the most awesome just because of the wheel size.

I can honestly tell you the Bee 6 is the worst candidate here because even with soft front suspension, the wheels get stuck incredibly on cobblestones, literally just yesterday I saw a mom fight with her Bee in the old town - the front suspension made the wheels ping-pong the stroller back into her belly with every larger bump. The rear suspension is actually the more important one on terrain, the front should only absorb shocks.

About the Mios vs. Hub Plus, I can tell you the Joolz is the better one for uneven terrain because of the chunkier wheels for sure. It, however, also has a smaller seat surface, and will last you a bit shorter, especially is you have a larger child. If you don't mind that, it is probably the better option here, if the bumpy terrain is the priority here. Otherwise, the Mios is a good choice, just the wheel size might mean you can get stuck from time to time, having to lift the front over a bump or a pothole - however, the Mios is still a very nice, quality choice that pushes quite well, we often went over grass with it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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