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Joolz Day Plus vs. Silver Cross Reef, which to choose?

Kc • 29 Jul 2022

Hello Eli,

Iā€™m looking to buy a new stroller, can you recommend me one between the Joolz Day+ or the Silver Cross Reef? Thanks

Eli • 29 Jul 2022

Hiya, Kc,

From these two, I would most probably go for the Joolz. They make their frames much, much more durable, so the longevity will be better - and not only because of the frame quality but also because of the slightly larger seat with an extendable leg rest. Although a bit bulky, the Day Plus is also nicer to push and, overall, a better value for money from my experience.

The Reef is a nice-looking pram, but the engineering doesn't match the price, in my opinion, and the seat is really short. So the Joolz would be my go-to out of these two. Hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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