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Joolz Day+ & Joolz Aer combo vs. Cybex Priam 4 vs. Bugaboo Lynx - which offer is better?

Jose • 30 Jul 2022

Hello Eli, hope all is well!!

I have an opportunity to buy a Doolz Day+ and a Joolz Aer for Around $1050 both of them. But also like the Cybex Priam4 that’s new for 2022 and is at $1099, and my final option because of a summer discount is the Bugaboo Lynx at $700.

I know that the “problem” with the Day Plus will be the size or the folding type. But with that offer for both Joolz strollers, what do you recommend me?


Eli • 30 Jul 2022

Hi, Jose,

A bit more info about your lifestyle, the terrain around you, traveling (like often, or just rarely), car size, it is hard to tell. I personally would not get the Priam even if it is truly beautiful, but for that price, not as nice to push nor as sturdy as I would have liked. So from your three, I would not take the Priam.

The question after that is, do you need something lightweight right from newborn? If yes, the Lynx is the lighter choice, and although not extremely compact, the folded size in the two-piece fold especially will work even with an average car. If lightweight is not a priority with your main, from-birth pram, the Joolz combo seems to solve more problems - I mean, you can use the Day+ around the house, for daily walks (the push is very nice, to be honest, even better probably than the Lynx's - maybe just the Fox pushes better than that, and the Britax Go Big which is discontinued and a different weight category)... and for traveling, you can use your super-compact Aer for even the car seat/quick shopping trips, to the doctor's, etc.

So answer yourself that question - is it more practical for you to have one lighter full-size pram, or do you have space for a larger, heavier one plus a small, compact one? Because both options here are good.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.