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Joolz Day+: Are the different fabrics color available to be bought and swapped? Would the BGB Fox be a better option?

R • 19 Aug 2022


I’m just wondering about the Joolz Day Plus. If in a few years I wanted to change the colour of the canopy and seat would I be able to buy those fabrics separately and change them?

Secondly is the basket also sold separately since I love the timeless taupe colour however I’m worried about it getting dirty, would I be able to remove it and buy a black one in its place? Does the basket come on and off to wash?

Lastly I’m stuck between choosing the Joolz Day+ and the Bugaboo Fox, this is for my first child child and I have pros and cons about both. What would you recommend?

Many thanks

Eli • 20 Aug 2022

Hi, R,
The fabrics themselves are not just sold like that in a shop, though they should be able to be replaced on request from a distributor or a customer service. Do count on the process to be a bit harder than just "add in the basket" and "pay" - you will need to ask about that from the seller/manufacturer and they will need to order it as a spare part.

About the basket, I believe it can be removed and cleaned, though again not a completely easy process and I wouldn't count on it to be sold just so, easy as that. Do enquire about different options to be ordered at a distributor near you or their customer service. I wouldn't however change the matching one as it will look a bit more "basic" with a black one.

I personally would probably go for the Bugaboo Fox though as the spare/replacement parts there are actually a bit easier to get, right out of their online shop. Also, the stroller is considerably lighter which for me, as an urban mom, would be a better fit - if you, however, need something more robust and don't mind the even bulkier fold, the Day+ could work for you better.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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