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Joie Parcel: Why don't I see any reviews for this?

Paro • 02 Feb 2023

Why don't I see any reviews for this product anywhere... Is it bad... People are not buying it?

Eli • 02 Feb 2023

Hey, Paro,

The Parcel is not to heavily promoted, and also not sold in all countries. Taking the price into advantage, and its size, it probably is just not too popular. People often go more for the cheaper Joie Pact, or the higher quality compact strollers. I don't think it is bad, just doesn't stand out in the category enough, thus not too many reviews are available. Definitely be sure to leave one if you try it on in a store, or get it yourself.

P.S. If it would be bad, there would definitely be bad reviews. People say something bad about a product much louder and more often than something good. Just my observation. So truly, not many are buying it, obviously.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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