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Joie Parcel vs. Kinderkraft Nubi 2 - to get something spacious and with good fabrics..?

Joanna • 24 Jul 2023

Thank you for your advice. I am now between the Joie Parcel which is available in Greece and the Kinderkraft Nubi 2 which I really like but can't see it up close. Please tell me mainly about the fabrics they use and if its tall enough to take me to 4 years. I am also looking at the MiniUno Touch fold for a second option so I can have 2 strollers instead of spending so much more for the Ergobaby. Mainly I want lie flat, good materials, ideally removable and better terrain coverage while also being light and small fold. Thank you again for your time.

Eli • 24 Jul 2023

Hey, Joanna,

The Parcel will definitely not fit for up to 4 years, and the Nubi, probably won't either. These are the smallest possible strollers and a 4yo will simply be too tight in such a small model. Te Parcel is less roomy though, so for room alone, the Nubi is the better option. It feels cheaper though and the fabrics aren't better on that one, I would say the Parcel is more comfortable, fabrics-wise. So each has something else better.

I don't see any logic in getting ALSO the MiniUno Touchfold. It is the same type of stroller, also not crazy spacious (nice space to the top of the canopy but a very short seatback), and personally I would rather invest in one better stroller than getting two cheaper ones that have the same functionality but are not that great at fulfilling my needs.

One last thing, NONE of these will be ok for terrain coverage. Their wheels are small, and they are meant as occasional-use, urban surfaces (airport, mall etc.) use. If you need a spurious model for aa 4YO and terrain, you need a completely different stroller type.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.