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Joie Pact Flex Signature: My Lascal Buggy Board doesn't work correctly - which should I use instead?

Flossy • 02 Sep 2021


I’ve recently tried the Lascal Maxi Buggy Board on my pact flex signature but for some reason it just does not work correctly. Once my toddler is on the board, the pram feels incapable of moving. Do you know of any other buggy boards that will definitely fit and work well with this pram?

Thank you!

Eli • 03 Sep 2021

Heya, Flossy!

Well, there are two problems here. First, you use the Lascal Buggy Board Maxi with an ultra-compact - the smallest pushchairs on the market designated for traveling and occasional use only. Using a small pushchair with a large (Maxi) kiddy board is certainly not a good idea.

Next in line, overall a buggy board is not a good idea with any ultracompact. Like, honestly, please read this guide that describes why and how ultra-compact strollers should and should not be used. You might damage it over time - and even more so since The Pact Flex is on the lower end of the market, price-point-wise. Here's our other guide to read - anarticle about the advantages and disadvantages of a buggy board.

Ok, well, I warned you... moving on what will fit if you really have to be using a sibling skate with it - certainly try a smaller buggy board. Either the Lascal Buggy Board Mini, or maybe a universal Bumprider (comes in only one size). Do not put any seat on the buggy board and do count on worse maneuverability and center of gravity - the stroller, in any case, was not meant to be used with a kiddy ride.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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