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Joie Nitro: Why is the backrest of my pushchair slanted (not upright)?

LINDA • 22 May 2022

Why can I not get the back of my Joie buggy in an upright position as my child sits slumped in his seat ???

Eli • 22 May 2022

Hi, Linda,

It is a thing of many, and I mean MANY strollers, mostly the more lightweight pushchairs – for design and compactness/folding system reasons, they are made so that the backrests are slanted. There exist more upright strollers on the markets, but they actually are rather few.

With some buggies, there is a way to put a belt/any kind of strap behind the seat to hold the seatback more forward, thus more upright, so you can try that, but I am not sure if it is possible with this exact model.

Another piece of advice is that you might try a stroller with a bumper bar, as they help the child be more secure even if by holding the bar, and also a more deep seat area (As, if it is shallow, it makes the child slide down and slump in the seat). If ever picking a new stroller, the best practice is to try it out with your kiddo if wanting to be sure it will fit him/her, seeing how the sitting in it goes.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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