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Joie Mytrax Flex Signature: What is the difference between the Mytrax and the Mytrax Flex?

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eli & vii
Kath • 30 Oct 2022


I'm thinking of buying a Joie mytrax flex. Which is £150 I'm a little confused because I've been looking at a Joie mytrax which is £219. Could you let me know what is the difference between them?


Eli • 30 Oct 2022

Hi, Kath,

The price has to be either a sale / reduced one, or they are selling out their older (last year's or so) models (which is not a problem at all). Normally, the Mytrax Flex is the higher version, with an extra suspension under the seat, and premium fabrics and colorways. If you see it in a better price offer, it is definitely worth taking over the "basic" Mytrax.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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