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Joie Mytrax Flex Signature: Joie Mytrax vs. Mytrax Flex vs. Mytrax Flex Signature, what is the difference?

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Mary • 06 Nov 2022

I have been advised that the Mytrax Flex (not signature - black handle not brown) is a more basic version of the Flex signature and it is cheaper than the Mytrax. They said the Flex material is slightly different to the signature one but that's about it so the additional cost probably isn't worth it... is this correct please? As everything I've looked at online only mentions the Signature flex and says that's an upgraded version of the 'basic' Mytrax, there doesn't seem to be any details about the Mytrax Flex (not signature) version.

I am trying to find out what the folded dimensions are and it's a nightmare, the Joie website doesn't even mention the Mytrax Flex (not signature) version?! It appears to me that the Mytrax Flex (not signature) is a more basic version of the Mytrax and the Mytrax Flex signature?

Eli • 06 Nov 2022

Hi, Mary,

Joie Mytrax is the basic model. The word "Flex" means the extra suspension under the seat, meaning a little more comfort for the little one. The word "Signature" means the Signature colorway and leatherette details that don't add functionality, more like a more luxurious feel.

From my point of view, the model you're describing will have the same dimensions as the Flex Signature, but will be in a bit more basic colorway. It will be a little simpler, covers-wise, version of the Signature Flex while better, thanks to the added suspension, than the basic Mytax.

I hope I helped. ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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