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Joie Muze (LX): Is it compatible with other brands car seats, is there a carryot available, and does it lie flat?

Mel • 01 Apr 2023

Is the Muze travel system compatible with other brands including its own? And does it come with a detachable carrycot (as there no pics of this), also is the stroller back completely flat - as it doesn’t look like it?

Eli • 02 Apr 2023

Hey Mel,

This is quite a cheap pushchair, and it is not a full-sized, full-featured travel system. It only can accept the car seat meant for this particular model (which clicks on the bumper bar), no other, including Joie car seats, will fit on it as there are no adapters. No bassinet is available for this model either.

The seat offers a full recline, however it is not 180 degrees - according to the European norm, more than 150 degrees is an angle considered a full recline suitable for smaller babies as well. The angle is around 170-175 degrees, really, and even babies that don't sit yet will be just alright in the stroller. I personally would only use it with a newborn if I used a kind of universal insert soft cot or cocoon - without it, it feels too open. Also, a tad rattly, so maybe that could also cause discomfort.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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