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Joie Mirus vs. Joie Muze, which is better?

Sara • 12 Jun 2022

Please can you tell me the difference between Joie Mirus vs Joie Muze?
And which one is better?

I want a stroller which has good material, is lightweight, has a one hand fold, and a small folded size.

Eli • 13 Jun 2022

Hi, Sara,

There is a huge difference between the Joie Mirus and Muze. The Mirus being a very simple, older-design buggy, is quite rattly and has a reversible handle thanks to which you can look at your child, too, but it makes the pushing of the stroller very, VERY hard. It is also a bit longer after folding.

The Muze is a more modern buggy, and although not with the largest seat (none of them is too spacious), it has better, nimbler single wheels, no reversing of the handle (which makes it sturdier) and the fold is about folding the stroller in half, meaning a tiny bit more compact folded size and fewer points in which the stroller will get wobbly.

My personal choice out of these two would definitely be the more modern Muze.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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