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Joie Litetrax 4: Why do my back wheels on my Joie wobble and look like they’re not connected properly?

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eli & vii
Chantelle • 02 Aug 2022

Why do my back wheels on my Joie wobble and look like they’re not connected properly to the frame where the wheels are supposed to connect?

Eli • 02 Aug 2022

Hi, Chantelle,

As for the WHY, I cannot tell you as I am not there and I did not put them on. I also don't know how the stroller was used, what condition it is in, how old it is... but the most probable cause is that the stroller is older and was overstrained with a heavier child/load in the basket regularly, which may cause the wheels to go apart more, and the joints to loosen up. My recommendation is to consult the problem with Joie's or your distributor's (the place you bought your pushchair at) customer service - and show them what exactly is going on, ideally with pictures and more info overall. They will tell you if that is something that can be fixed, or it needs replacing.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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