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Joie Litetrax 4: Can a Joie car seat and the Ramble XL carrycot from the Joie Versatrax fit on this?

Tm • 16 Jul 2023


Just wondering if I could use a Joie car seat and carry cot Ramble XL that would normally fit in a Versatrax push chair with this Litetrax 4 push chair for my newborn.


Eli • 16 Jul 2023

Hey, Tm,

The Litetrax only officially fits the Joie Juva car seat - adapter-free on the child tray. You need carrycot adapters to ft the carrycot, and a Ramble should work officially, though the Ramble XL SHOULD fit on those Ramble adapters. I cannot, however, guarantee it will fit neatly over the seat, it is a larger carrycot, but in theory it should.

On those same - carrycot - adapters, you should be able to attach other Joie car seats, but also Cybex. Maxi-Cosi, Recaro or Kiddy car seats (without the adapters, they won't work).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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