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Joie Finiti: Using the stroller for my 4mo and she is quite small, she looks suffocated with the straps - what to do?

Haf • 22 Mar 2023

Joie Finiti Signature - I am using the stroller for my 4 month old and she is still quite small, she looks suffocated with the straps against her. Is there any way the straps can be adjusted?

Also, when I place my baby into the stroller, do the legs go into the straps too or is it just over the shoulder?

Eli • 22 Mar 2023

Hi, Haf,

There are possibilities to adjust the straps height-wise as well as length-wise, so you should make it so that the baby has the shoulder belts just above her shoulders. The higher ones should not go into those straps, no, but there is a crotch strap she should have between her legs.

Definitely consult the manual. It may be a smaller 4mo baby is too small for the seat - in that case, use a thinner footmuff, soft insert cot (universal one) or a cocoon to helo her feel more comfortable in the seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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