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Joie Finiti: My stroller doesn't fold all the way, what's wrong?

Zee • 03 Apr 2023

Hi Eli,

I have just opened up my Joie Finite, unboxing it, it came fully compactly folded but since assembly it stops folding this way, the handles don't go fully to the bottom even with some force. Is there anything I’m doing wrong? I’ve followed the manual, and it just keeps getting stuck 3 quarters of the way down and doesn’t stand.

Eli • 03 Apr 2023

Hey, Zee,

Well, it should not get stuck 3/4 in the fold, no. If you do all according to the manual (fold the seat forward and then lifting the stroller by the pull-on handle), and there is not something manually blocking the way (like a piece of fabric or something in the basket), there is most probably something damaged or malfunctioning. I believe you should contact customer service and ask for help/or send the stroller back.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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