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Joie Finiti: Joie Versatrax versus Joie Finiti - are the wheels better on the Finiti?

Nay • 28 Sep 2021

Hello, I would like to know how are the wheels of the finiti compared to the Versatrax? Size and suspension? Thank you

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eli & vii
Eli • 28 Sep 2021

Hi, Nay,

There's not that much of improvement if you really want something MUCH better than the Joie Versatrax. The Finiti's wheels are a bit sleeker, with less tread - and a bit narrower. It will help the maneuverability in terms of turning, easy pushing... But also will make them a tiny bit less all-terrain. The difference is, however, quite small there - just like the size difference, which will only be about a centimeter or two in the front, while a few more in the real. Really, don't expect a do-it-all terrain beast with any of them, and for a normal, bumpy town or countryside, both will do OK.

About the stroller's suspension, the wheels are sprung pretty much the same. For you, the feeling will be pretty much the same with the Versatrax as well as with the Finiti. The child's comfort will be a bt higher, though - there are springs under the seat meaning the frame (and you pushing it) will feel the bumps quite a lot, though the child's butt will feel them less.

The main difference I see in the rear wheels which don't make that much of a difference as the front wheels bump any obstacle first... and in the added seat suspension that makes the ride better for the little one. The strollers are quite similar, however, quite wide even, and good for that price point. Still not those all-terrain high-ends by far.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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