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Joie Finiti, Joie Aeria, or which similar from birth system to go for?

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eli & vii
Ammer • 12 Nov 2022

Hi! I as many other first time parents was very confused as to which travel system to go for. However, I feel as if I've narrowed it down to either a Joie Finiti or Joie Aeria both with the I level car seat, Ramble carry cot and the I base encore.

There is a burning question I cannot find the answer to.

I know the Aeria has a height adjustable seat but is larger, has bigger rear wheels, and is possibly heavier (I've not seen one in the flesh).

My question is . does the Aeria fold with the seat facing both ways?

I really like the Finiti as it's easy to fold and more compact, is there a real difference in seat padding quality between the two?

Might you be able to recommend another a do it all buggy similar to these, which I may not have seen?

Chances are, we'll probably not be going off road with it and unlikely to use it on public transport, weight is important for my wife to get in and out of a car.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Eli • 12 Nov 2022

Hiya, Ammer,

A very smart thinking in here, and as a first time parent you did a good job approaching the topic!

From the two models, I personally would probably rather go with the Finiti. It is really more compact and thus easier to load and unload in the car, and overall I feel the design is sturdier and more practical. The Aeria had a few complaints about the front wheels these last weeks, so perhaps that is also the reason.

The Aeria can only be folded with the seat forward, I mean, maybe it is possible to do it with the seat facing the parent, but it will be rather huge and super hard to pick up and load anywhere if you manage to do that in some way. So let's say it only folds facing the world. The padding is pretty much similar on both.

I personally would probably recommend thinking about the Cybex Balios S in your situation, or also the Oyster 3 / Mamas&Papas Armadillo XT3, maybe, but I think the Finiti could work well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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