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Joie Finiti: Is the rain cover supposed to fit into the detachable bag?

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eli & vii
Newmama • 06 Jan 2023

Is the rain cover supposed to fit into the detachable bag? I can’t fit it in and I thought the whole point of the bag was to keep the adapters and raincover inside.

Eli • 07 Jan 2023

Hey there,

well, if one is very very patient and folds the rain cover carefully, it, at least in theory, should fit the bag. I know, however, that the rain cover gets huge after its first unpacking, and it may just not fit in there. I would use the pouch for adapters and/or any other smaller necessities and take the rain cover out in the main basket only when I needed it, however, I rarely used one. You will have to find a way that fits you, or get a smaller universal rain cover (Elodie Details has smaller ones, for ex.).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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