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Joie Finiti: Is it cabin-friendly to be taken onboard a plane? And is it lightweight enough?

Hira • 10 Oct 2021

I wanted to know is it cabin friendly (for airplane travel)? And also is it light enough to carry easily?

Eli • 11 Oct 2021

Hiya, Hira!

This, as a mid-size, reversible pushchair, is NOT small enough to be used as an ultracompact stroller. The folded size will not fit the cabin luggage requirements, size-wise. Pretty much no reversible stroller will, for that matter.

On the other hand, you don't need your buggy to be ultra-compact to be taken with you on a plane. You can take a normal stroller, just like the Finiti, and just hive it to the stewardesses when boarding. They'll take it in the back and return it to you when getting off.

Also, you can just check it as a piece of normal baggage, meaning it will cost a little extra, but you'll have the comfort of a stroller that's not miniature, and therefore not all-terrain or very spacious.

Always check the possibilities of your airline, of course, but in general, it is quite normal for parents to take strollers with them, not only as a carry-on piece of luggage.

About the weight, the Joie Finiti clocks at 11.21 kg, which is not light, really. It is not overly heavy. either - it is a good weight for the type. The thing is, if you mean to carry your stroller A LOT, it will be heavy to you. If it's only up a flight of stairs or to/from the car, it's absolutely doable. So it can be carried and not make you suffer very much, but it is not light for very long walks carrying your stroller, or for carrying your stroller very very often. Also take into consideration this is quite a wide stroller frame so it will be a bit clumsy to carry if doing that a lot.

Just to compare, the real ultracompacts are usually around 6-8 kilograms, and those are lightweight (but also MUCH simpler and less spacious, with no reversibility option) models.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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