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Joie Finiti: Does the Joie Finiti seat fit onto the Verstrax frame?

Emz • 29 Jan 2023


Does the Joie Signature Finiti seat fit onto the Verstrax frame? I lost my Signature frame, but I was told they are the same?

Eli • 29 Jan 2023

Hi, Emz,

I don't think they are absolutely the same. They are functionally very similar, and even shape wise they are close. There is, however, a difference in the release mechanism on the sides of the seat, and the small differences in measurement and design might make it not possible to click on. I personally never tried, and did not hear they're the same, so I would rather say the frames are not compatible, the seat units not interchangeable.

You can try in a baby shop to confirm whether it can be done, or ask Joie directly, but I don't think the frame of one stroller was designed to accommodate the other (and vice versa), and even if somehow possible to push one seat into the other frame, the center of gravity, stability or other things may be affected. I personally would rather try to get a spare seat that should fit on the frame, so the original.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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