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Joie Chrome: Will the Joie Chrome carrycot Ramble also fit the Joie Versetrax stroller?

Hanni • 22 Jun 2023


I need to know if the Chrome Carrycot Ramble also fits the Versetrax.

Thank you.

Eli • 22 Jun 2023

Hey, Hanni,

Your question is not completely clear to me. The Joie Ramble carrycot DOES fit the Joie Versatrax, yes. However, the Chrome model has a DIFFERENT carrycot, not the Ramble. And that Chrome carrycot doesn't fit on the Versatrax.

So be sure to check the bassinet model and/or the attachment system - the Chrome one has a long, kind of "sharper" attachment that will NOT fit the Versatrax, however the normal Ramble has a shorter, rectangular attachment system which will fit the Versatrax.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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