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Joie Chrome DLX vs Joie Versatrax pushchair - what's the difference?

Struggling with Joie • 26 Mar 2021

What is the difference between the Joie Chrome DLX travel system and the Joie Versatrax travel system, please?

Any help greatly appreciated 👍

Eli • 30 Mar 2021


There is actually quite a lot of differences. The easiest - and best - is to go check them out yourself to some shop, if you can, since the differences will be the most visible like that.

If you can't, however, I'll pick the most important to make you see it better even if only on a website :-) Firstly, the Joie Chrome DLX is an older model. It is more robust, bulkier, with EVA foam wheels, and with quite a smaller seat unit, space- and internal length-wise. Advantages would include a larger canopy and maybe a little more attractive look.

The Joie Versatrax is newer, more spacious, and more compact thanks to the seat folding in half. It sports a shorter canopy, but that can be resolved with a universal sun shade/sun visor. I like it much more also because of the wheels that are not as solid as the Chrome's solid foam - they do feature tyres filled with soft foam, so they don't get a puncture. As a budget-friendly model, however, accept it won't have all the luxurious bells and whistles - some don't like the telescopic handlebar being a bit looser, so not absolutely quiet... But for the money, it is a very good value, in my opinion.

I'd certainly go for the Versatrax if I had to choose. It's simply better done and often even more affordable. And smaller-folding while more spacious (even the carrycot is much more spacious), which are very important features in modern prams and pushchairs.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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