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Joie Aeria: Is it easy to lift up a curb, easy to push, and ok on uneven terran?

Ing • 05 Mar 2023

1. Is it easy to put front wheels on a sidewalk or through a doorstep?
2. And is it maneuverable and smooth to drive?
3. Does it drives smoothly, more or less, on a grass and non-asphalt roads?

Eli • 05 Mar 2023

Hey, Ing,

To lift the stroller up a curb, you only need to have the handle well set up, meaning on the lowest comfortable position. Strollers with rotating handlebars are normally easy to be lifted up a curb so that should not be a problem.

About the maneuverability and terrain, I heard multiple parents tell me the front wheels are not clicking super well into place, so they become rattly on worse terrain. The stroller itself should push ok, not specifically smooth as it's a reversible seater which changes the center of gravity but not really hard to push, however it did not prove itself on worse terrains honestly.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.