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Jané Rider: Is there naphthalene in the car seat? Would dangerous car seats be forbidden to be sold? such car seats

Jarno • 16 Dec 2021

Hello, we found out that the Jane Rider car seat Koos has naphthalene (a bad chemical) in its fabric. Now we cant find out if it's in all the fabrics of the other parts or how badly it is. If it was that bad, it would be forbidden to be sold right?

Eli • 17 Dec 2021

Hi, Jarno!

And how did you find out about this? Did you test it or did you read it somewhere, or did someone just tell you about it..? I am not saying it's true nor it is not true,

I am not a chemist - but I am checking the Jané Koos R1 car seat in ADAC test, which is probably the most detailed and difficult test to pass for a car seat, and the safety score there is 1.9, which is a great score - and for Schadstoffe, meaning bad chemicals, the grade is 1, so the best possible. I don't believe they wouldn't notice something they are desperately searching for and put very low scores for some car seats. Check the Jané Koos car seat ADAC test here.

If we're talking about the older Jané Koos i-size, its test, however, truly shows a bad Chemicals test in
. This is by all means not good, but the thing is, the child is not in the car seat for the whole day - the actual limit at a time should be about 30 minutes, then a pause. If, following this rule, you also take the measure of getting a cover for your car seat, the harm should be minimal to none at all. Of course, you can still email the Jané company, asking whether they were recalled or are considered safe in general - if safe, you can definitely use it. You’ll pass on to a larger car seat in a few months’ time anyway.

So, what I amgoing to suggest here is to double-check your source and the type of the Koos car seat you have. If you're finding out its the older one and feel like the chemicals in the covers are too dangerous, write/call directly to Jané as they should have the best answers and/or make a recall if it would be health-damaging. I don't believe it could be sold if health-threatening, though, as harmful car seats are not allowed to be sold, yes, just as you say.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.