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Is there any way to replace broken tires on an older stroller?

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eli & vii
Nancy • 23 Oct 2022

Hello Eli,

We are in Canada, we got the shell stroller could of years ago in Mississauga Toronto, but now the front two front tires got broken. The stroller is still very new we didn’t use it much, just the tires are broken. Now we have second baby, want to use it. Please let me know is there anyway to replace those broken tires?

Thank you very much!

Eli • 24 Oct 2022

Hey there, Nancy,

I will, firstly, recommend THIS article about spare and replacement parts I put together, and then say you most probably will get help in a larger, better bike shop. They can order tires and help you change them, too (for a fee). I wish you the best of luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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