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Is there an Isofix base for my Roan Bass pram?

Ieva • 15 Mar 2022

Hello, I bought 3 in 1 Roan Bass Next stroller, and I just wondering is there is possibility to find a isofix base for the car seat?

Eli • 16 Mar 2022

Hello, Ieva,

I am sorry but there is no clear answer here, as the Isofix base type depends on the car seat you bought with your pram. The whole set, mainly with the included 3in1 car seat which is usually color-matched but quite simple and cheap (named Kite), needs this base:

Then, there are other types of car seats that need different bases, e.g. Maxi-Cosi can be fitted on the frame and needs its own base, etc. For the right car seat base, you need to contact the seller you bought your stroller system at and ask him about the type of the car seat and availability of an Isofix base for that car seat - for the Polish car seat models, it usually needs to be ordered with the system (or separately) - you won't find it easy just online.

Always match the Isofix base to the car seat, not to the stroller itself. The connection points need to fit to the car seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.