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Inglesina Quid² Vespa: Is there a Quid 1 Vespa edition, or just Quid 2? Is a Quid Vespa for ~160 EUR a good bargain?

Mejl • 31 Jul 2021


Is there Quid 1 (first generation) in Vespa design, or is there only Quid 2 Vespa edition?
I have an opportunity to buy this stroller (named just QUID VESPA in the store, so I'm not sure is it generation 1 or 2) for ~160 EUR - would you say it is worth the money?

Thanks in advance!

Eli • 01 Aug 2021

Hi, Mejl,

Yes, there was an Inglesina Quid (1)'s Vespa edition. The difference is really rather small and the added weight capacity (on paper) doesn't really change the sitting space nor quality of the stroller (it's just additional testing, not more, to be honest), so I wouldn't obsess too much about getting the first iteration, really. The second generation is, functionally, very similar to the first one (it's actually pretty much the same).

For 160 EUR, it's actually a very nice deal - so yes, I do think the bargain is that good you might as well go for it 🤩 Nice find 😉

Please, do [[https://strollberry.com/strollers/inglesina-quid2/write-a-review/|leave a review of your stroller]] when you get it to help other parents as well... Thank you! 😊

Your -very berry- Eli.

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