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Easywalker Jackey: Is there a carrycot or a soft cot available? And what about car seat adapters?

Audrey • 02 Aug 2021


Is there a carrycot or a soft cot adaptable on the stroller? And car seat's adapter..?

Eli • 03 Aug 2021

Hello, Audrey,

Yes, there is a universal Easywalker soft cot available (you can check the EW universal soft cot here). It is not available in every country so be sure to ask any Easywalker distributor in your area or write to the manufacturer himself, they'll gladly help and point you in the right direction, as I hear. Any universal soft cot should, btw, work as well, even if from another brand - you only need the seat to be in the lie-flat position and the soft cot should be able to be in any way attached to a pushchair.

To the car seat compatibility, yes, the Jackey (as opposed to Miley - a comparison of the Easywalker Jackey and Miley attached in the pics) CAN accommodate a car seat with adapters. Again, they WILL be available at the store where the Jackey is sold. The Jackey/BUGGY XS adapters are to be found here.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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